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Have trouble getting interest 7%+ reduced on mortgage. Home is VA could this be the problem as morttgage is guaranteed?

Plant City, FL |

CitiMortgage denied loan mod despite being un-employed for one year. Was told I had not demonstrated any loss of income despite negative 130K. Am subsisting on SS and draws from IRA(rapidly depleting).

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Stop drawing down your IRA until after you have consulted a bankruptcy attorney. Generally you can go through a chapter 7 and keep your IRA. A chapter 13 may provide options also as far as keeping your house and getting a modification.

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Getting a loan modification is not mandatory it depends alot on your providing the lender with the
correct information To get a loan modifciation you need to show that you have sufficient income to pay your normal living expenses and have enough left over to show you have funds to pay the modified loan amount as may fit into one of the Federal programs or the lenders programs. It is possible, being you are unemployed you cannot meet this requirement. Also it depends on the value of your home verus what you owe, maybe your situation does not fit into the requirements of the programs you might be eligible for.
You may want consult with an attorney in your area who handles mortgage foreclosures and loan
modifications to assist you in reviewing your situation to find the best situation. Perhaps an alternative other than loan modification is something to be considered.

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