Have quit claim for one party owner from 2007 but just recently got other owner to sign quit claim.

I sold property under contract for deed in '99, gave a quit claim to them. They defaulted 12-'06 - I finally found one owner 9-07 and got signed quit claim but not juntil a few weeks ago found other owner to sign back my property. Because first signature is so old (and out of state - and notory's commision on stamp expired 2010) Do I gain need to get her to sign? What if I can't find her now?

Langley, OK -

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Robert Miller

Robert Miller

Real Estate Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

The age of the signature or the subsequent expiration of the notary's commission would not effect the validity of the deed. Issues sometimes arise in case of a refinancing or later sale, and a title insurance company should be consulted.

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