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Have my 6th amendment rights been violated?

Birmingham, AL |

I was involved in a case with a Goverment enity and the Goverment enity filed an injunction to not let anyone from the Goverment testify on the case I was found guilty but never got a chance to confront the witness in the case this was a white collar crime I was charged with making a false statement to Goverment.

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Are you sure it was an "injunction". Generally a court should not forbid you from contacting potential witnesses and confronting them at trial. You are correct, there is a right to confront your accuser in criminal cases and this should extend to examine the witnesses. Were you represented in the criminal matter? If you have already been convicted, I am worried you may have run out of time. Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible in Alabama.

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Yes Sir I was represented I have been on probation for over a year paid all my fines and was given 3 years probation I was inquiring about this being this entire case was not handled fair. I was drafting a letter to the Supreme Court here in alabama and am not sure it will do any good. Also yes sir the VAMC filed a injunction, witnesses were subpoenaed but none showed up being that the VAMC filed the injunction. I lost my Federal Contract after 10 yrs of service so this was a great impact on me. I was told to file a suit being this was not at all handled properly. I would like to give you detail but am sure this forum is not appropriate it is open to the public. Best

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