Have I been found guilty of breaking court order? (Petition for Contempt- Civil case)

Asked over 1 year ago - Rockville, MD

I was a defendant for a Peace Order case. I was told to stay away from this person for 6 months, 3 months into this order, plaintiff filed for contempt, arguing that I violated the peace order. It was dismissed, and then I appealed to Circuit court, where the judge extended the peace order for another 6 months and added few more things in the order.

I'm trying to seal this case- does this mean I've been found guilty of contempt?

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    Answered . It is difficult to know what happened without seeing the court documents. I suggest that you bring your documents to an attorney to determine whether you were found in contempt. If the Peace Order was granted, you are not eligible to have the record shielded. It must be denied or dismissed.

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    Answered . I'm not sure why, as a peace order defendant, you would appeal a dismissal of a petition for contempt against you. The way this question is worded is confusing and doesn't make sense. As my colleague stated, bring your documentation to an attorney for review.

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    Answered . You state that the Plaintiff filed Contempt against you which a judge dismissed, but then you appealed the dismissal of the Contempt to the Circuit Court where the Peace Order was extended another six months. That makes no sense at all. Appealing a victory to a higher court could be compared to Lebron James and Dwayne Wade winning the seventh game of the NBA Finals, and then demanding more games to see if they really deserved to win. Is this what you did? Or did you simply describe what happened incorrectly?

    A victory is a victory, and when you win, you are supposed to celebrate, not give the other side another opportunity to destroy you in court. So like I said, your facts don't make any sense. I suggest you consult with an attorney to understand what happened, and why. After you learn what you did wrong, I suggest you make the necessary changes to handle these things more effectively.

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