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Have bill of sale, made down payment, may not be able to keep paying on car, am I entitled to get down payment back?

York, PA |

I am buying a car from a private owner. There is a non-notarized, handwritten Bill of Sale stating (in a nutshell) that I purchased the car as is after making a down payment and gained possession of the car. It also states that I am responsible for the remaining balance and that I am to make payments bi-weekly until paid in full and if payments are not made on time, the owner will regain possession of the vehicle. I recently lost my job and do not know if I will be able to finish payment on car. Am I entitled to get my down payment back upon return of the car?

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Unfortuneately, your losing your job is not a legal defense to non-payment for the car. You can always try negotiating with the seller to see if he'll take it back, but your best bet is to sell the car yourself and recoup all the losses your can.

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