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Have a passing a bad check in 1999 and i wanted to exponge it but was told i could'nt because I have a resiting arrest and riot

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i am 40 years old and i dont have anymore charges besides traffic since then . I am tring to be a STNA I HAVE PAID FOR THE CLASSES. 800.00 I WAS TOLD THIS IS A DISQUALIFYING REASON FOR NON EMPLOYMENT? I AM TRING TO BETTER MY LIFE . THE passing a bad check was a from a payday loan place and i lost my job and couldnt pay it back they overdrawn my account i even paid it back and still this was considerd passing a bad check!!! what are thry lookin for on a background check how far do they go back and can this be exponged? Because she told me I didnt qualifiy for that because I have resiting arrest and disorderly i think or inticing a riot??? This is keepin me from being employed in my dream career i wanted to go for my lpn but i am told if i have that on my record it would be a waste of time

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Generally, you are eligible to have one misdemeanor and one felony conviction expunged. However, if 2 of the convictions happened at the same time or were the result of the same incident they may only count as one conviction for purposes of expungement. Meaning if the riot and resisting arrest happened during the same incident, they would only count as once conviction and you may be eligible. You should contact an attorney in your area to discuss your options.


A person is eligible for expungement if they have only two misdemeanors or one misdemeanor and one felony, so long as all are eligible offenses. If the rioting and resisting were from the same case then you may be eligible but will need a good attorney to argue why you deserve expungement. If they were from two separate cases then you are not eligible and the only option you would have is to hire an attorney to assist you in filing for a governmental pardon. These are very difficult to obtain. I would suggest sitting down privately with a defense attorney to see what your options are.

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