Have $2,400 in traffic and parking ticket fines, some in collections. Can I convert this to jail time in LA County?

Asked 11 months ago - Los Angeles, CA

I recently got my first DUI, no one was harmed. I had a suspended license when I got the DUI. In an effort to clear my license before my court date in 35 days, I want to pay off the fines and reinstate my license. Between parking tickets and moving violations I have $2,400 in fines. $1,000 of which is in collections. Can I ask the judge to transfer the total amount in fines to jail time in LA County? DUI aside, I have no past criminal record.

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  1. Greg Thomas Hill

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    Answered . It sounds like your outstanding fines are from infractions, which one cannot convert to jail time. However, you can convert such fines to community service.

  2. Sholeh Iravantchi

    Contributor Level 15


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    Answered . That would be a good move from your part before your DUI matter. If the amount is due to parking tickets, you can go back to court and ask for community service.

  3. Troy Slaten


    Contributor Level 14


    Lawyers agree

    Answered . I disagree with my colleagues in part. Parking tickets are administrative in nature and therefore cannot be converted to jail or even community service.

    Moving violations ARE criminal infractions and can be converted to community service, not jail.

    It is a good idea to reinstate your license ASAP.

    You should also contact a qualified and experienced DUI lawyer to assist you with the criminal case. Most of us on AVVO provide a free consultation. Good Luck!

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