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Has anyone in the state of Georgia ever won a case against a unjustified involuntary commitment?

Roswell, GA |

On the telephone I got mad at my health insurance company for claims being denied. I never said I was going to kill myself. They called 911 with a possible suicide call. Police officers go to my house and my husband tells them I'm at work (they search my house). A police officer with a adrenalin rush because he had a suicide call comes to my place of employment and would not listen to me. This police officer is no longer employed with this small city. The police officers from this small city are noticed for being very aggressive. My fellow employees and my customers can attest I was doing nothing but peacefully waiting on customers. The private mental hospital has someone investigating them. After speaking with the one that is investigating my case at the mental hospital, she apology to

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A doctor / psychiatrist should have made the determination that you be committed. You will need to hire expensive expert doctor witnesses to refute the doctors claim. It would be an uphill battle requiring deep pockets.

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