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Has anyone ever successfully gotten a visitation agreement where a 13-yr-old does not have to miss events at home to visit NCP?

Barrington, NJ |

I have always lived in Camden County with my daughter. Her father lives in PA, NW of Phila and has always had an open door to visit her whenever he wants. He has been inconsistent throughout her life. He has had her for 20-25 overnights in her 13 years. He has never attended back to school nights, teacher conferences, concerts, pageants, shows, Dr. appts and has only been to a handful of sports events, even though I have always let him know about everything. In June he announced that he would be moving over 1,000 miles away in July. That fell through one week before he was to go and since then, he has been more aggressive than ever about visitation. Unfortunately, it's too little too late for my child. She doesn't want to miss school, church, and social events.

I really think that the only reason he has taken a new interest in my child is because he has been in a relationship with a woman who also has a teen daughter. When he's not in a relationship or in one with a childless woman, he forgets he has a child.

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  1. If consenual, then you can modify the parenting time agreement as you see fit. Otherwise, you would have to go before the Court. It would probably be a difficult case to make (setting restrictions on when) due to family obligations etc., but it could be done.

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  2. You can explain to a judge why you feel the way you feel and perhaps you'll be successful.

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  3. You can try and work out an agreement that takes into account her activities like school events and church so that his visits don't interfere with those events, especially if you know the schedule in advance. Since he lives out-of-state you can also probably make arrangements where he has to pick your daughter up where you live and return her to where you live and returns her at a certain time. Even though you could go to court, the judge would likely try and get you and the father to work things out yourselves before making any determination.

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