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Harassment in the workplace Nevada

Las Vegas, NV |

I was hired as a home based sales manager for Forever Resorts at Black Canyon Adventures, Boulder City, NV, and Scottsdale, AZ January 7, 2009. I am age 62.
I have endured the wrath of one Kathleen Wood, Director of Operations and of Mr. Rod Taylor. It was clear from day one that the job would be difficult. The then GM kept things under control until she left in 2010. The new GM hired then left in August 2012 for conflicts with the Regional VP Mr. Rod Taylor.
On January 7, 2009 I was given the commission sheet as promised. My salary was $38, 000 yearly and a 1.75 per seat sold. Finally after submitting emails stating this to be fact. They owed me $12,000.00 in back commission but I was strong armed into accepting $5000.00.
My husband Died August 12, 2012 and from that point it has

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Thank You for your time....................I have removed any names.

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