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Harassing Neighbors, is there a law against this? Can you file a restraining order against them?

Quincy, MI |

our neighbor is harassing us, he put up signs all along the property line, dumps kitty litter with feces in it (dog ate some), takes flower/vegetable from his garden dumps it on this side, mixes up concoctions & dumps it (dog almost ate), tosses rocks & garbage on our side. It looks like a dump. We even saw him taking photos of our house when my 16 yr old daughter was outside with my husband. My daughter is afraid to stay at home by herself because of him. The list goes on.My husband tried talking to him but got no where. We have a tree line 30'Wx300'L between our houses & he walks this side of the tree line weekly looking at our house, we feel like we R being stalked. We cant even enjoy our property anymore. Is there anything we can do legally? We want our place 2 feel like home again.

We also have photos of most of the things he has done and we have documented it also. I live in Michigan if that helps also.

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You can certainly file a lawsuit for trespassing or nuisance and ask the court for a restraining order that way or, if you can convince a court that his behavior has escalated to the legal level of threatening or harrassment, you can ask for a personal protection order. To fully understand your options, you should contact a local attorney with experience in both criminal law and real property law. Most general practioners can help you in these areas. The worst thing you can do is take the law into your own hands. Good Luck.

So there is no misunderstanding, my answer to your question does not establish an attorney/client relationship with me or my firm and such a relationship will not be established unless and until you personally retain me or my firm to represent you.

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