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Had reckless driving reduced to careless driving about a year ago, but failed to complete community service hours due to my job

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I was working on my days off, and stayin late just to be able to put food on the table since I worked at a commision based job. I paid the fines on my original court day (around 1900.00$ in fines) a year ago, but that out me and my fiance in such a huge hole that I was basically paying to work for the company I was at. I finally quit that job, and about a month later received a notice in the mail calling me back go court. I had about a year to do 90 hours community service on a careless driving charge that I pleaded guilty to, but anybody in my position wouldnt of been able to either. I have no prior record, and have'nt been in any incident since then. I have a new job, and I started doing some community service hours AFTER receiving the notice. I have abouf 20-30 hours done. Any idea?

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  1. You or your lawyer can argue to reinstate the original sentence and extend your time to complete community service.

  2. you or your attorney should contact the court to restart the community service. It is likely that the place where you had to do community service has reported that you have failed to show up and referred it back to court. It is likely that there may be an arrest warrant out for you for failure to comply with court imposed penalties.
    you should consult an attorney to have your case resolved

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  3. You need to be proactive about getting done and communicate with the court. It does depend on the judge. Your attorney can argue the specifics of why and how.

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  4. I agree with my colleagues. The court likely will permit an extention after seeing a good faith effort. Good luck.

  5. I agree with the three fine NJ lawyers who have already answered.

    That you've done some of the community service will help. You should be talking with the lawyer you had on your original case. You are facing a maximum penalty for the offense of conviction.

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