Had a minor auto accident, likely a lawsuit, should I be worried?

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Had a minor rear end accident. I hit the side bumper when changing into her lane [she stopped on a green light because someone in front of her stopped]. Close to 1K in damage on her car, about the same on mine. She complained over the dent on her bumper, demanded to involve insurance companies. Two days later Geico tells me the driver and her passenger are claiming they feel sore and whiplash. A day after that, they hired a lawyer. Now Geico says they plan to sue. Honestly I think they saw my Maserati coupe and smelled $$$. Even the responding officer wrote 'this was a driver's exchange' due to the minor damage, no injuries claimed at the scene. I have a 100/300 policy. Geico keeps telling me "don't worry, you have more than enough coverage for a claim like this." But should I be worried?

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I understand my carrier is handling the situation and they will provide the lawyer. My concern is the level of exposure, in terms of monetary damage, that I might be open to.

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    Answered . You should not be worried. That is why you bought insurance (and because its required). In addition to liability coverage, your insurer will provide you with legal representation at no cost to you should it become necessary. Let your claims person do the worrying.

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    Answered . Turn the claim to your insurance company and let them handle it/ Best of luck.

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    Answered . You don't have much to worry about at this point. Let your insurance company handle it. If you get sued, they will retain an attorney to represent you. You may want to speak with personal counsel to ensure your assets are protected if significant damages are claimed.

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    Answered . Not much to be worried about. If they file suit, your carrier will hire an attorney for you and your 100/300 should be plenty. If they had a case worth in excess of your policy limits (very doubtful), then you might have cause for some concern. Just let your carrier handle it everything should work out fine for you.

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    Answered . Let your insurance carrier resolve it.

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    Answered . There is very little chance that such a minor accident could even approach the limits of your policy. The lawyer your insurance carrier will provide for you will decide how best to defend your case. This will likely involve taking the plaintiff's deposition to assess their credibility, gathering medical records to assess the credibility of their claimed injuries and damages, and making a determination of what, if anything, to offer to settle the case. In my experience in Washington, 99% of these types of cases resolve before trial - either through mediation, arbitration, or private negotiation/settlement. The process might take a while, but your lawyer should keep you informed and your participation will likely be kept to a minimum. In short, don't worry, but keep yourself informed by checking in with your insurance defense attorney regularly and do not ignore anything they request that you do. Your cooperation and participation in the suit, although likely to be kept minimal, is a requirement of your coverage and defense.

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