Had a DUI charge changed to non moving vialation in Missiouri but back ground check said I still had DUI, what do I do

Asked 11 months ago - Kansas City, MO

in 2008 I was driving to meet boyfriend at ER and got lost as I was living in topeka but from florida, anyway got pulled over for no turn signal, cop smelled the couple drinks I had earlier that day and charged me with DUI even after I breathed under legal limit, I got a lawyer and he had it changed to a moving or non moving violation and I didnt have to go to court. I tryed to get on military base 2 days ago and they tryed to denie me and said I had DUI in missiouri, what do I do

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My nieces husband is in navy and out to sea, She was in false labor and I was there to help her with her other to young children, They ended up letting me on the base , but when she goes into real labor I dont want her having to sit out in car for hour while I explain all this again, please help

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  1. Steven Parnell Weaver

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    Answered . Or make sure your attorney did what he said.

  2. Anjali Bajaj Dooley

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    Answered . First, contact your attorney and get your paperwork and also the court your case was in. They will have the court file. If it truly was amended to a non-moving violation (& may I add wow)--then that should clear it up with the military base. Unfortunately, sometimes dispositions are not in a courts system and it depends on what type of background check they did. you might need help from an attorney to clear up your driving record--then contact one in the state you recieved the ticket.

  3. Anthony Michael Solis


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    Answered . start here: http://www.mshp.dps.mo.gov/MSHPWeb/PatrolDivisi...
    that's a good place to start to inform the people the make the records that there's an error

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  4. John Clayton Schleiffarth


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    Answered . 1.) Contact the attorney who handled your case.
    2.) Obtain your Missouri driving record from the Missouri Department of Revenue
    3.) Obtain your criminal history from the Missouri State Highway Patrol
    4.) Contact the Military base in advance, many times, this is a simple security clearance issue. You may be able to obtain a "visitors clearance" of some kind in advance.

    It is possible that in 2018, you may be eligible to expunge your DWI if it was plead as such, you have not re-offended and it has been at least 10 years. I suggest marking that year in your calendar and calling a Missouri DWI lawyer to discuss your options at that time.

    John Schleiffarth
    JCS Law

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