Hacking, recording and stealing

Asked 7 months ago - Miami, FL

I have a suspicious of an ex boyfriend and his friends have hack my phone and know exactly my location. My home has been burglarizing my home and my storage unit. Please help I do not have a private investigator money, Spoke to Police Officer I need proof, This ex boyfriend still calls and leave text messages I did sent a ext messages letting him know that I do not allow my calls being recorded. Please please how can I stop this where can I get justice for all my burglaries. No help from city official

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  1. Christian K. Lassen II


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    Answered . Get a restraining order. Many security companies will offer free alarm installation if you pay their service fee of 30 bucks a month or so.

  2. Jennifer L. Ellis


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    Answered . First, you can install low cost security cameras that will allow you to watch your home. These cameras will snap photos or video based on movement. You can find inexpensive choices on amazon. You can also look into inexpensive devices to secure your home. Some of them have alarms that will call you, or at least will make a lot of noise and scare someone off. With a camera such as this you can obtain the proof you need that someone has broken into your home, and hopefully you can identify who the person was. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=se...


    Second, if you haven't done so, change your locks now. If your boyfriend had a key, he can keep getting in. If you live in a rental, ask your landlord to change the locks. You will have to pay, but it will be worth it.

    If you can, change your phone number so your boyfriend cannot call you any more. If you believe your phone has been hacked, wipe it, meaning put it back to factory settings and see if that helps resolve the problem. Make sure you change all of your passwords.

    Gather as much evidence you can, so next time you go to the police you have proof.

    Also, look into help from domestic violence groups in your area. They might be able to provide resources to help you.

    I am very sorry you are going through this.

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  3. Golnar Sargeant

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    Answered . Get the alarm, see if an attorney will send a legal letter to the ex (most attorneys will need at least a good faith information and belief basis that this is indeed the culprit). For a lawsuit you need proof, it does not appear you have that. You can keep reporting to the cops, but you can not force them to take action.

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