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My H1b visa extension got denied and my earlier visa got expired.

So how many days i can stay in US legally and if i want tog et the status , can i apply for new h1b visa / can i switch over to any another kind of visa.
Please let me know.

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you need to leave immediately. you have now been out of status since your last h1b expired. any days out of status hurts your chances to get future visas and you absolutely cannot apply or change to another visa in the u.s. in order to do that you need to be in a valid visa status and you are not. so you need to leave.

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Your are out status now and cannot extend your status or change status without leaving the U.S. and returning on a new visa. You have been accruing unlawful presence as of the denial and should leave the U.S. as soon as possible.

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You are out of status from the day your H1B was denied. The longer you are here out of status the more difficult any future visas will be to obtain.


My colleague is right.


I agree. You can go home, file a new H-1B petition and request premium processing to you can hopefully be able to return ASAP. I would also want to know why the H-1B petition was denied.

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