H-4 filed by lawyer, who gets H-4 I-797-A and new I-94 ?

My lawyer had filed my H-4. The H-4 approval notice had come to my home address on 12th Feb I haven't yet received the new I-94 and I-797-A . Will this notice be sent to my home address or will it go to the lawyer who has filed it ? Also how much time does the I-797-A and new I-94 take ?

Newark, DE -

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Akanksha Kalra

Akanksha Kalra

Immigration Attorney - Lansdale, PA

If your H-4 was filed by an attorney, USCIS may have sent the I-797A with new I-94 to your attorney. It should be sent the same time as you received your approval notice. You should contact your attorney further in this regard.

Akanksha Kalra, Attorney at Law: 215-542-4905 or ak@akaimmigration.com Disclaimer: The information provided here... more
J Charles Ferrari

J Charles Ferrari

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

Please see the answer to your other question.

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