Guardian Ad Litem - Second Round - Ohio

Asked over 1 year ago - Madison, OH

Two+ years ago custody suit began. I requested Ad Litem and Psyche Evals and paid for both accordingly. A few weeks ago (yet another ignored abuse hearing) Magistrate demands a second round of the above even though I filed indigent (I've lost everything, including my job recently over these never ending issues with the Defendant, yet I'm being demanded in 30 days or less to pull hundreds of dollars out of thin air which isn't possible.) As such, contempt is expected.

Any references to ORC or Ohio Supreme would be greatly helpful if there's protection against "financial punishment" as I've come to call it.

Additional information

Note 1: Ohio notes "10 steps" Ad Litem is required to follow which was failed horribly the last time she was hired. The same Ad Litem is being chosen. Objection to the Ad Litem, etc. has been filed and hearing is set for a week from now (thankfully) but I need to be as prepared as possible - just denoting "extortion" or being open about "last time" I doubt is going to be enough.

Note 2: The "order" for Ad Litem and additional Psyche Review was combined on the Magistrate's "Order To Appear" -- would this not be required to be done as separate orders?

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  1. Jay Shannon Willis

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    Answered . Ohio Superintendance Rule 48 (Sup. R 48) governs Guardian Ad Litem appointments in general terms. I would also refer you to your court's Local Rules, which may have additional rules pertaining to the Guardian.

    I would highly recommend consulting an experienced attorney to help with your issues.

  2. Brian Scott Piper

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    Answered . Unfortunately, I suspect that you are currently reaping the rewards of your attempt to handle this matter yourself without legal assistance. Had you paid for proper legal representation at the time this case began, (at the time you are still employed), it is likely that the case would be resolved by now, with much less personal cost to you. Now, you are looking for someone to condense three years of law school and innumerable years of personal experience into a few sentences on a website - you are asking for the impossible.

    Also, you should understand this, it is unlikely you will be able to demonstrate that the GAL has acted improperly on your own, because most such complaints by an unrepresented individuals, tend to sound like "sour grapes".

    IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: Mr. Piper's response set forth above is not legal advice and it does not create an... more
  3. Matthew Thomas Majeski


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    Answered . It sounds like you have a lot of issue with the GAL and you're working on them with the removal. In MN, clients who meet certain income guidelines can have the payment to the GAL waived. The only other advice I can give is to check with Ohio law or an Ohio family lawyer to see if there is a similar provision and if so whether you qualify for it.

    Disclaimer: This email message in no way creates an attorney client relationship between Majeski Law, LLC and the... more

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