Group Insurance Coverage.

My employment was terminated back in July, 2012, however I would like to ask if I can have group life insurance converted to individual life insurance. Is it too late to do so?

Jacksonville, FL -

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Clayton Harold Walker Jr.

Clayton Harold Walker Jr.

Business Attorney - Anchorage, AK

You'd probably need to look at the policy terms. You might also inquire of the insurance company itself.

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William Thomas Schemmel

William Thomas Schemmel

Insurance Law Lawyer

This will depend upon the language of the insurance contract and employer rules. There typically are strict time limits. You should review the documents you have and, if necessary, can contact your former employer and/or the insurance company (if the plan is insured) to inquire. You should act immediately in case you still have time. If you found this helpful, please check the appropriate box. Good luck to you.

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