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Grounds for emergency hearing???In florida....

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My husbands children are having their visitation for 2 weeks of the summer and it has now come to light thet their mother has refused to take his 15 year old daughter to the doctor after the initial appointment(she didnt even take her to the follow up appointment) and is making her take expired medications for the illness that she was diagnosed with about 6 mos ago(bronchitis). Neither if his children have seen a doctor for a physical or anything for the past 5 years at least(not even a dentist) His children are 11 and 15 the 15 yeard old has seen a dentist 3 times in her life and the 11 year old only twice..even though my husband has to pay for health insurance...their mother also took a trip to th bahamas and frequently goes on trips but dosent provide for the children. We reside in Fl.

Yes the children do reside in florida about 20 minutes away actually...he only has them every other weekend every wednesday 2 weeks of summer and 1 week of spring and christmas vacation...

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Unfortunately, while the mentioned failures of the Mother are not healthy for the children, most Judge's would not deem the matter to be grounds for an Emergency Hearing. Rather, these would be potential grounds for a supplemental petition for modification wherein perhaps the Father should have more time with the children so that he can take care of some of these concerns himself when the children are with him. After all, why does he only have the children for two weeks during the Summer? However, this action would have to be filed in the State where the children reside with the Mother, and from your posting it would seem to indicate that they are only visiting the Father here in Florida. Of course, if the Mother does reside in Florida with the children, then Florida would have jurisdiction.

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