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Green Card via Marriage, then divorce, now marriage again to US citizen

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Hello I came here from Pakistan 10 years ago, on a B1 Visa, to be with my husband in Chicago. I found out that my husband, a US citizen at that time, had married another woman. This was very bad news for me, but my husband finally did sponsor me for a green card (bc we had kids together, and he wanted me to be close to them, and we were still married) which I received about 4 years ago. However, we officially divorced in 2008, and in November 2009, I remarried to a US citizen. My question is this - When can I file for US citizenship? After 5 years, so one year from now? And does my divorce and subsequent remarriage affect this? Please help, thank you so much.

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  1. Generally, a U.S. Permanent Resident is eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship through naturalization 5 years after he/she obtains Permanent Resident status, or 3-years if the applicant is and has been living in a valid marital union with a U.S. citizen for 3-years preceding the filing of the application.

    I would advise consulting with an immigration attorney prior to filing for naturalization, to review your immigration history, as well as to establish you meet the statutory requirements for naturalization.

  2. I would definitely consult an attorney. How did your ex-husband file for you if he was married to another woman? If he had a bigamous marriage , you may not have been "lawfully admitted as a permanent resident" , which is a requirement for citizenship

    This could be a major problem which could result in your removal (deportation) from the US

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