I've received my green card today but my birthdate is mistyped. It's an error that was made by the uscis office. Now, I'm filing the form I-90 to fix the error. As I'm planning to travel in mid December, does anyone knows how long it will take them to get me the new card? Your input will be greatly appreciated.

West Haven, CT -

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Giacomo Jacques Behar

Giacomo Jacques Behar

Immigration Attorney - San Diego, CA

(Are you sure you did not present USCIS with a fake birth certificate? Just kidding.) I-90s currently are taking many, many months. All processing times are listed at the USCIS website Just to make sure you won't be disappointed, make sure to add another 2 months to whatever time frames they post. You will then know what to expect and will not grow impatient or disappointed.

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Norma Lorenzo

Norma Lorenzo

Immigration Attorney - Coral Gables, FL

Hello, hope that you are well. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that you might not have a new one before December. Sometimes its takes longer than a month and half. Best of luck.

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