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Green Card Production not started yet eventhough it's been 4 months since my baby was admitted on NA3 permanent resident visa.

Dearborn, MI |

Dear Sir/Mme,

I would really appreciate any insights into my problem. My 11-months-old son was admitted to the US on February 6,2014 on a NA3 Visa(Son of a permanent resident born abroad). They created his permanent residency record and everything at the airport and gave us the Alien file number and told us to wait for his actual card to arrive. It's been 4 months now and we hadn't received the welcome letter or the greencard. After inquiring with USCIS, they confirmed to me that i didn't have to pay any fee since my son is admitted on NA3 and that the delay is internal and the greencard hadn't been produced yet. They said they sent an inquiry and told me to wait for 30 days. I am really concerned.What does this internal delay mean??!!!! Would really appreciate any insights@

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It just means that they are being slow. If they have acknowledged receipt but just not sent anything yet, then there is no indication of a problem. If you receive some kind of denial or request for evidence, then you may have a problem.

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Dear Mrs Mary, They hadn't sent me anything yet. Not even the Welcome letter..... Is this a problem or it is just an indication of being too slow?????



P.S: My baby already received his Alien File Number on his Creation of Record as a Permanent Resident that he was given at the airport. However, no welcome letter or follow-up mail was sent till now.

Mary Kathleen Neal

Mary Kathleen Neal


You can schedule an Infopass appointment at your local office to ask what is happening with his file.


Nothing to worry about (yet). They are just being slow. Best to schedule an INFOPASS appointment at your local district office and ask what is happening with this case.

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Just wait out the 30 days as you were told, and if you haven't heard anything by then call again or schedule an infopass appointment with your local USCIS office. The internal delay is just that, an internal delay but the inquiry should hopefully speed things up.

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