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Green Card Interview- Marriage based green card. Can I be rejected for not fully telling the truth?

Rockville, MD |

Me and my husband have been together for 7 years. Officer asked me when was the last time I was employed. I truly didn't remember exact date because I worked on and off during my OPT as a babysitter and 2 weeks in the restaurant. (I was on F-1 visa and my sponsor abandoned me). I did not claim working as a babysitter on my I-485 however I did mention that on the interview because I concluded it is better to at least mention it. I don't want to be accused of lying. Can I be rejected for not saying when I was employed the last time? I saw her writing it down on my I-485. Is it good or bad? Officer told me that I will find out in 3 months but she didn't want to answer my question if our marriage was approved or not. Should I worry?

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In short possibly yes if you worked without authorization the agent could choose to just let it go or she could make it a big issue.

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If your spouse is a US Citizen, and you initially came legally (which it sounds like you did), working without authorization is forgiven. HOWEVER, lying or being dishonest in the application is another thing, and is harshly looked upon. I think whether or not it becomes the deciding factor depends on your applicaiton as a whole. Since you have been married for 7 years, it is likely that the officer will find your marriage to be in good faith and you will have no problems. It sounds like they are waiting on the background check to finish. No guarantees, but Best of luck!

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Not only can you be denied for not telling the truth, but you could be prosecuted and/or deported.

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