Grant deed with removal of a decedent (by affidavit) that's in a Trust.

Asked almost 2 years ago - Portland, OR

Is there a new (grant deed) then created, listing the survivor trustee of his or her Trust?
Thank you.

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  1. Answered . I, too, am uncertain as to the circumstances and the nature of your question. But if you are asking if a new deed is issued, after a change of ownership by death, the answer is generally no. Deeds operate to transfer title, and ownership is ascertained by analysis of the effect of the deeds in the "chain" of title. It is not like a motor vehicle, where a certificate of title is issued showing who the owner(s) is (are) at the moment.

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  2. Answered . I believe you may be asking, "Does a new Deed have to be recorded when someone dies with a Revocable Living Trust and their Successor Trustee takes over?" If that is, indeed, your question then the answer is, "No." The Successor Trustee succeeeds to the prior Trustee's legal authority and should have complete control of any real property that was previously titled in the Trust. I hope this is helpful!

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    Answered . Your question is not clear--would need to understand the exact facts of your situation and any prior deeds and/or trust that affect the property.

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