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After having custody of our grandchild for over a year and a half, custody was awarded to the parent convicted of abusing that same child.The parent allowed us visitation for awhile and then has not allowed us a visit for many months while saying that we have done nothing wrong. Do we have a better chance of being awarded visitation rights because of our having custody of him and the abuse conviction in the past?

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C. Logan McKechnie

C. Logan McKechnie

Family Law Attorney - Merced, CA

The court's can approach this in two ways: 1) Grandparents have no right to visitation and can see the child when visitation is with the non-objecting parent. 2) because of the nature of the relationship--your previous custody--if it was a court-ordered guardianship--that it might be in the best interest of the child to have a relationship [i.e. visitation] with you. See an attorney for assistance.

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