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Grandparent right for joint convertorshipand visitation

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my ex-daughter in-law was given sole custody of my grandchildren in a divorce.My son is a possessor,well she was found leaving the oldest child along,so cps came in and placed them with her father,she signed an agreement for 6 months supervision and a safety plan,she did not follow any of cps orders,and has not returned for almost a month.Her father and step mom couldnot keep the kids,due to stress,so the stepmom had a niece that agreed to take them,my son did sign a 30 day agreement to place them with the stepmoms niece,my son wants to try to get custody,and Im the grandmother,can I get joint conservetory? The step niece has filed for temporary custody,what will happen when the 30 day order is up?She said to me that if the mom doesnt return or if themom cant comply with cps orders ,she wanted to adopt the kids.The dad will never agree to that.If he follows the plan set by cps even though he was granted possession rights in the divorce will he have the right to get his kids,if not can he file something to give me and his dad the rights to our grandkids ?I may have a problem with the maternal grandfather,he was granted temporary custody when the kids mother abandoned them,could I get joint custody with him.Also,what type of visitation rights do we as grandparents have?The step niece will only let us visit the kids at her house,why cant they stay for the weekend,we cant even leave with them for several hours,and she lives more than 2 hours from us. Thanks for your help!!!!!

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You have many questions, and a complicated situation. All answers are going to end with the fact that you need to take a copy of this apparently extensive file to an attorney to thouroughly review. It appears that through a serious of events, CPS has temporary primary conservatorship of your grandchildren, Dad has posessory conservatorship, a third party (niece?) has temporary placement through CPS, and you have no rights under any the existing court order. Dad (your son?) can file to modify his rights, and it sounds that you will be necessary to establish his stability and support. An attorney can work with you develop a strategy that might enlarge your access to the children.

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