Grandparent modifying court ordered visitation.

When is it okay for a grandparent to modify their court ordered visitation? It's been less than a year and already the paternal grandmother is taking me to court seeking to become joined as a formal party to the divorce to be able to do this. Her own son is against this mind you. She's also seeking more visitation because she feels she deserves more than the every Wednesday 2:30pm - 7pm that she currently has. Any advice on this one is appreciated. It's a DOOZIE!

Los Angeles, CA -

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Jesus Silva Jr

Jesus Silva Jr

Child Custody Lawyer - South Pasadena, CA

A change of factual circumstances is the threshold standard the courts will use to determine whether or not a grandparent may lawfully modify an existing grandchild visitation court order.

My advice: Don't let this get to court despite the fact that you will probably win -- unless this grandparent's influence is absolutely unbearable. Negotiate an informal agreement, be generous and think long-term.

Good Luck.

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