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Grandma died and left a will.Her 3 sons were to split cash from property sale. My Uncle(executor)holding money for 2yrs now.Why?

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Okay. My parents and I rented a house from my Uncle who owned this property almost 50 years. Before we moved in my Uncle rented the house to others, but my grandmother always lived in the back apartment since it was built. She passed away around 2006. A year after she passed while cleaning out her place, a will was found that stated if the property was sold, the money was to be split between her 3 sons equally. My family lived in the front house until roughly 2009 when my Uncle (executor) made us move out because he said he was going to make repairs to expidite the sale. After 3 years of stalling the property sold for $385,000 on 7/5/12. Since then my dad has only recieved $10,000 and was told that they'red be more after he found out the tax implications. How do we get the rest?

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Your grandmother's will has no effect on the property owned by your uncle. Your uncle owns the house, right?

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if your uncle owned the property-your grandmother's will could not direct how money from the sale of the property would be distributed.

The answer given does not imply that an attorney-client relationship has been established and your best course of action is to have legal representation in this matter.

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If the house was owned by your grandmother and went through probate, your father needs to have an attorney review your grandmother's probate, see where the process is at and if necessary force your uncle to distribute your father's remaining share. I wouldn't wait any longer as too much time has gone by already.

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