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Grand Canyon University commited fraud on me, as they did others. I need help getting them to pay the loan,suffering, legal fee

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I have been on disability since about 2007 and in great pain, needed to learn a trade to work from home as the limo driving was making pain worse. Ayia admin counsler new this was very good at job...when I asked to talk when not at work, she pushed and pushed, had me start courses before financing in place, gave wrong courses, had me sign papers since I was at work and I told her don't send for loan as I already once was approved for D.A.R.S. and knew I would get P.A.L.E. grant....they sent anyway and led me to believe I was on a grant, but later found I owed Gov. Grant. As, then I am poverty and still unable to pay rent in decent place much less loans and it has hurt my credit and my life...stress causes much more pain. I have no disc at S1 and L5, two fusions above that and R.S.D. fro

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Use Google to identify and locate attorneys with prior experience suing this school. They will have an advantage in evaluating your potential claims and are most likely to be interested in representing you.

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First, let me say how sorry I am that your physical condition has led to financial and educational issues. There are many details not included in your description above that are needed to analyze any potential law suits. First, you indicate disability payments since 2007, but still doing limo driving. When did you first start coursework from Grand Canyon? When did you get notice that you weren't on the PELL grant? What actions have been taken in the interim? These are all critical in determining the claims that can be brought. Please contact an attorney to review your options.

This response does not constitute legal advice. The facts and circumstances of any particular situation are unique and require an individual consultation before relying upon the general information contained here. The responding attorney welcomes the opportunity to consult with new clients to determine the appropriate direction and strategy for their case.

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