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Got pulled over in NY gave the cop my license and registration. Cop went to pull over another car and I left. What can happen?

Cresskill, NJ |

Will I just get a ticket in the mail for the violation of turning right and wasn't suppose to or will more happen?

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I would expect to hear about this one way or the other. I'm sure the officer wasn't too pleased. What may happen next is at least partially dependent on what you were pulled over for in the first place and may be exacerbated by your leaving the scene (additional failure to comply w/ a lawful order charge).


Not smart unless you avoided a serious charge by your actions. You should talk with qualified criminal defense counsel with experience in handling traffic matters. There are several such attorneys who participate on the site. Talk to them about the situation and be guided by the advice you receive. Good luck.


It is possible that you opened up the door to some serious trouble by leaving before the officer finished writing you a ticket and advised you to go.

You should speak with an experienced attorney who practices in the area where you were pulled over.

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You need to speak to a NY attorney. In NJ the cop could charge you with a crime (felony) or at least 4 different motor vehicle violations. Pulling on Superman's cape is not wise.


You should contact an attorney licensed in NY state at your earliest opportunity.

You were lawfully stopped by a police officer acting in an official capacity: while this does not mean you are under arrest, it does mean the officer has the authority to keep you in one place until the officer is done with you. By leaving the scene without permission, you may have committed a violation under New York law.

If so, this violation will be additional to whatever infraction caused the initial stop, be it speeding, improper lane-change, etc. In fact, I'd expect to see a summons in the mail in very short order.

Frankly, I'm not sure what possessed you to up and leave like that, but the best advice is to never do that again, unless it's an emergency and you clearly communicate that to the police officer at the time. And even then, tread very carefully.

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