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Got a speeding ticket for 84 mph and i was using cruse control at 65mph

Peoria, IL |

i got my first speeding ticket 3 weeks ago and am on court supervision so i have been using my cruse control on my compute to work and last night i got pulled over by a state officer and he said i was going 84 and i told him it was impossible because i was using cruse control at 65 he was very rude demanded my license and kept it i'm devastated this is unbelieveable i honestly was going 65 i dont know what to do i can't afford this and i need my license to drive 1 hour to work

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You need to consult with a traffic attorney near you. In the meantime, stop relying on cruise control and instead be the slowest driver on the road.

  2. Your ticket is a substitute for your license and in lieu of bond, so you can continue to drive but you really need a lawyer. If you have a working speedometer in your vehicle, you should have known you were speeding, regardless of the computer, even if you did not know the exact speed. A lawyer will help you minimize the damages.

  3. You can drive on the ticket. A lawyer can probably save your supervision and maybe get it for the newest offense