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Good afternoon, I rent in a high-rise Condo at the Jersey Shore. After the hurricane, not only was my building evacuated

Monmouth Beach, NJ |
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And shut down, the entire town was. I was not allowed back into town for 2 weeks. I asked my landlord for a 50% reduction for the next month, and she declined. I don't feel It was an unreasonable request. Any advice or legal standing would be appreciated. Thank you!

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If you were precluded from occupying the leased premises, you rent should be abated for that period of time. If you are unable to resolve the matter amicably with your landlord, I suggest you discuss this matter with an attorney. Good luck.

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Thank you Mr Gutman. Appreciate it!! Peter DeCarlo

Robert L Gutman

Robert L Gutman


You are welcome. Don't hesitate to post any additional questions. Good luck.


I disagree with counsel.. The LL did not prevent you from occupying the apt. Also your stuff was in the apt. Check your lease. Does it have an act of God clause - that the LL is not responsible for acts beyond his/her control? If so you are clearly out of luck.

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