Gifting real estate to a sibling

My parents are both deceased and they left the house to me, my brother and my sister. I would like to give my share to my sister because she is unemployed and could really use the rent that the house is producing. My brother is trying to force a sale on the property and I want no part of it. How do I handle this?

Greensboro, NC -

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Bonnor E. Hudson III

Bonnor E. Hudson III

Construction / Development Lawyer - Clayton, NC

You can certainly deed your interest in the property to your sister by having a real estate attorney prepare a deed for a reasonable fee and then record the deed. However, if you and your siblings own the property as tenants in common and your brother files a partition in partition, the property will almost certainly be sold. You need to look at the deed to see how the property is owned. You should consider consulting with an attorney regarding this matter.

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Jeffrey N Lisnow

Jeffrey N Lisnow

Real Estate Attorney - Staten Island, NY

Read the will and you may want to have it probated.

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