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Getting divorced twice from same person

Athens, TN |
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if you get married in the same state to the same person twice and have two marriage license how do you get divorced from both, cause there both in the system, i got divorced and they said it took care of both and now i find out i am divorced but yet still married, this stinks and everyone wants more money to do another divorce

we did not use a lawyer for the divorce it was all agree in the court house chancery and the divorce did not take the other license out of the system like they said it would there now im legaly divorced and married at the same time to the same person in the system just wondering how to get them to drop it out of the system without having to try to find more money to go through it all again

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Who is they?
    Who says you're still married?
    Without knowing the specifics, can't give your options, but yes, if you have to get divorced again, then you would have to pay an attorney for the services. You may need to address this with the original attorney to correct any errors, you may be allowed to amend the final decree.

  2. I'm not sure of the specifics of this situation. However, you might check to see if your divorce was actually entered by the Chancery Court as an Order of the Court. You can check in the Clerk & Master's office to see if it was entered. If it was in fact entered as a Final Judgment of Divorce, you may be able to present a certified copy of that judgment to the appropriate licensing personnel. If the Final Judgment was never entered, then you were most likely never divorced in the first place. You would probably need to enter a Voluntary Dismissal of the original divorce complaint and then tell the licensing people what has occurred.

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