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Getting charged for lying about my felony and recieving cash aid...

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My girlfriend was collecting cash aid and food stamps in 2009...that same year I paroled out of prison for felony drug sales. In 2010 my son was born and she decided to add my name to get more cash aid which only added $50 a month. FYI my girlfriend also lied about her felony drug charge which she expunged last year. 2 years later, Private investigators come to my house and told us we lied about our felony and they were going to stop our benefits. I'm on probation now for a case I caught in 2013. Two months ago we started making monthly payments to pay back what we recieved.Now today I received a letter saying we are being charged for perjury etc. my question is will I be violated for my probation even if it happened before I was on probation? And my GF expunged her felony last year

I've actually been making monthly payments to them to pay back

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I think this may be better off in the criminal law section - I will try to get it there for you. Good luck.

Stephanie O. Joy, Esq., of JoyDisability, is an attorney licensed in New Jersey, but currently practicing federal Social Security Disability law in all 50 states from her PA office. Answers to questions are for general purposes only and do not establish an attorney-client relationship, nor do they constitute legal advice. Rather, if you need representation or legal advise, you need to make direct contact yourself, and inquire. We welcome and respond to all phone calls and emails.


This isn't really something that you can handle with advice from strangers on the Internet. You need a criminal defense attorney who can work with you on this case, whether it's a court-appointed public defender or someone you hired.

If the welfare fraud was committed before you were placed on probation, it would not be a probation violation. However, the judge could deny probation on the new case based on your criminal history.

You also say your girlfriend lied on her application. There is no such thing as a real "expungement" in California. Cases can be dismissed under Penal Code §1203.4 after successful completion of probation, but that just adds some notes to the court files saying the offense was dismissed. There are some advantages to a 1203.4 dismissal, but it must be disclosed on applications for government benefits if specifically requested.

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She didn't have a felony drug sale, only possession which she completed a program and finished her probation. She actually expunged her felony last year at hat was after they terminated out benefits



They actually told me that only I wasn't eligible since I had drug sales. But I don't understand why she was also charged

Robert Lee Marshall

Robert Lee Marshall


Please re-read the first paragraph of my original answer, as well as the warnings from other attorneys who have told you not to post so many details about your situation on a website where anybody -- including the prosecution -- can read them. "This isn't really something that you can handle with advice from strangers on the Internet. You need a criminal defense attorney who can work with you on this case, whether it's a court-appointed public defender or someone you hired."


If the alleged perjury happened before you were put on probation, it can not be basis for violating your probation.


You have two options: hire an attorney asap or wait until you're charged and have the court appoint an attorney. Regardless of what you decide, cease talking about this incident to anyone - friends, relatives, enemies, colleagues, etc - except an attorney in private. You may have already made incriminating statements to the investigators that came to your house but that's water under bridge, from hereon, only speak to an attorney, whether privately retained or court appointed.

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