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Getting a license in another state while you have a restricted license in your current state

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Is it at all possible to get another license in a different state while you have a restricted license in your state? I am moving and will be establishing a new residence. Just wanted to know if it will be possible to apply for a license in Pennsylvania while I have a restricted in Virginia.

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Generally, any other state, through interstate compact, will follow the court decisions of another state on any suspension... meaning you will be limited from getting a license in any other state.

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I have answered several similar questions recently. For example:

The answer is the same in your case.

Good luck!

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When you are issued a drivers license by a state, it allows you to drive in all states because other states have agreed to give full faith and credit to licenses issued by sister states. Similarly, when a license is suspended, or restricted, in your home state, your ability to drive in other states is also suspended, or restricted, because those other states are simply honoring whatever authority to drive you had from your home state.

When you apply for a license in a state, you will be asked if you are suspended in another state. Upon being informed that you are suspended in another state, that state will likely honor that suspension, thereby preventing you from getting an unrestricted license in that state. If you have a restricted license from your home state and you move to another state, you may very well be issued a restricted license in the new state - if permitted by the laws of the new state.

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