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Geting ex wife imputed for voluntarily not working. what can i do to get support lowered?

Ann Arbor, MI |

washtenaw county MI - (father is plaintiff) divorced took kids of out FOC to avoid either paying support. 50/50 joint shared custody - father has them more often than her. she files for state assistance then FOC comes after him with recommendation to pay they want him to pay $372/mo for 2 kids. he objects and judge says cant impute someone who is looking for work - so she is being lazy not working while i take care of my kids while in my care and she gets to enjoy her summer and spend time with them while i am at work all day. a father who has 50/50 joint physical shared custody should not have to pay for ex wife to survive. do i have any steps to do next...i am going to lose my house if i do this - i only make $13 an hour

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  1. If she isn't working, then you could request that income be imputed to her as well.

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