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Get my licences back. can i get help on my fines

Findlay, OH |

hello i have almost 700 dollars in court fines and restitution. I have my licences suspened until i pay my fines. is there anything i can do to get my licences back. Without paying all of them. and is there any way to get help on my fines im only 17.

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If the fines are related to juvenile court you may be eligible to sign up for community service to work off your fines, or alternatively you may be able to get the fines waived by the Judge if you apply and are found to be indigent. However, if the fines are to BMV there is little you can do.

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As to getting your license back, it depends on your driving record. How many tickets you have correlate to the time of your suspension. As a minor, if you get too many tickets you are basically determined to be too immature and irresponsible and a hazard to be on the road. Typically, you would be able to get your license back at 18 though you may have to retest.

If you owe $700 in fines and such, I will venture to guess it is not just one ticket you have. It is likely the court made the no license until paid order to prevent you from getting your license back when you turn 18 as the order to pay the fines will still be in effect. The best you may be able to hope for it to request temporary privileges.

Next time you have a ticket, you may wish to request court appointed counsel at the juvenile level to try to work out a better deal for you than you would get without one.

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