Get I sue my OB for pulling my mirena out instead of surgically removing it because it was perforated. please read.

Asked over 1 year ago - Patrick Springs, VA

Got mirena put it 5 years ago. started hurting in my lower abdomen and about 6 month later could no longer have sex due to pain. OB always said it was pain and never did any scans or ultrasounds to see if it was the mirena. after for years of pain and no sex and my husband leaving me the hospital found in a ct-scan that the mirena was perforated into my uterus 1cm. I was told that is would have to be surgically removed. the question is if the doctor who took the mirena out of me without doing an ultrasound or anything after the hospital sent her the ct scan showing that is was perforated into my uterus can be sued. she asked me what's the problem when I came into her office that morning of the appointment and I told her it was perforated and she seemed to get upset. them she said it was an easy fix. I told her I wanted it out and she got very angry and told everyone that was with me to leave. I told her my sister was going to stay. the only thing the doctor did was pull the string. it hurt so bad I said stop as I was crying. she said hold on it is almost out. I have a scans of the scaring that she caused and proof that it was perforated 1cm when she said it was only embedded. do I have a lawsuit and if so who will take it. she seems really into mirena for some reason and I had a lawyer that does not do those type cases tell me that she was eating bayers cake while getting checks for up to 2500 a seminar to sell their product. now I have to have surgery Monday and may have to have a complete historectomy and also I have had very bad cyst since she took the mirena out. lawyer said she covered bayer tracks good....

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  1. Christian K. Lassen II


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    Answered . Duplicate post.

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    Answered . Answered in another post.

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  3. Thomas J. Turner

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    Answered . You didn't say when the incident occurred when your IUD was removed. Most states have a two year statute of limitations, so don't wait any longer to consult an attorney. If the uterus was perforated, the removal probably should have been surgical. However, you will have to get an opinion from another physician. Whether the case is economicall feasible to pursue depends upon whether the removal caused problems that would have been avoided if the removal had been done by surgery, and you will need a physician's opinion for that as well. Consult a medical malpractice attorney in your area.

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