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Get FL Driver License with I-130

West Palm Beach, FL |

If you have an I-130 that is approved can you get a FL Driver License or even just a FL ID?

I have a SSN

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  1. No. Not unless you have an I-485 pending and get your EAD card which you can then use as the photo ID for the DL.

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  2. This is not an immigration question.

    Go here for more info:

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  3. Don't know. In California, they want employment authorization. I would be surprised in an approved I-130 alone allowed one to get a Fl Driver's license.

  4. My understanding is that the I-130 approval is not enough, but that you need also to have your employment authorization card. To get your employment authorization you must file for "adjustment". Once you get the employment authorization card you can apply for a social security number and go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain your driver's license.

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  5. I agree with Mr Lopez. Also, I'm concerned because you seem a bit confused. The i130 is really an application for permission to apply for adjustment. Once aporoved, you have permission to apply for adjustment by filing the i485. Once you do that, you can apply for the work per,it and then get the drivers license. You will really make things a lot easier by hiring an attorney. The attorney will go over your case, explain everything to you and accompany you and your spouse to the interviews with immigration.

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