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Gave my two weeks notice and by the next day my manager told my employees I resigned. No write ups what so ever.Wrongful term.?

Grand Prairie, TX |

I worked there 6 years no attendance, behavioral or performance issues. But I did complain many documented times to HR about harassment. Also complained to my manager about EQUAL PAY. I took a job doing the same exact job as before only difference was speaking spanish. But my pay decreased by 20% and i was also lied to about my workload was doubled. It was not fair that other supervisors would get bonuses I wouldn't for doing the samething. I was told that it was illegal to redline spanish customers and give me a bonus. But it is ok to redline your employees? My employees were hired to do one job but the majority of the time they spent doing ani yher departments job and as my former manager said we were doing a favor to other departments because they did not have Spanish employees!

Attorney Answers 2

  1. You may have some claims for pay discrimination but there is no wrongful termination just because your employer told employees you resigned. Didn't you turn in notice that you were resigning? There's nothing that prevents your employer from telling other employees that.

  2. I don't see any wrongful termination, based on your facts, but I would contact an attorney about your harassment and equal pay concerns that you have.