GAL isn't representing the kids, just the abuser. What can I do?

Asked about 2 years ago - Park Falls, WI

The GAL for the TRO case is stating new rules that has to be followed when a judge said supervised visits will happen, without rules. He states that I cannot be there when the children visit thier dad who sexually, physically and emotionally abused them. He wrote a hearsay testimony to the courts saying that the supervisor said all went awesome at the kids last visit, except that I was there. Is there something I can do to protect my kids when the GAL don't ?

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    Answered . Do not get into a match of wills with the Guardian ad Litem, especially without a lawyer on your side. This is someone the Judge has trusted to help your children. While fighting a guardian ad litem can be done, persuading a guardian ad litem is usually much more productive.

    Keep in mind that this is a public forum. Your guardian ad litem may even be reading your posts here.

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    Answered . Ma'am - you have posted many questions on this forum for which we cannot answer or give you legal advice because we do not have all of the facts and we do not represent you. I STRONGLY advise you to obtain counsel. You are clearly struggling with this process and I suspect some of the things that have gone wrong for you in your case are because you do not have an attorney or a strong advocate and you are taking actions upon yourself without sound legal advice that is reflecting negatively upon you with the court. Please, do you and your children a favor, and hire an attorney. If you cannot afford one, contact the Wisconsin State Bar to find out if there is an attorney in your area who does pro bono work or who takes cases at reduced rates. If you already have an attorney - listen to their advice! Good luck to you.

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