Ga Courts recd signed div papers 2/28 - then dismissal of counterclaim on 3/18. How long will it take for divorce to be final?

Signed divorce papers docked in clerks office on 2/28 - then on 3/18 wife's dismissal of counterclaim was filed. Will the courts look at the 2/28 date or the 3/18 date when signing for final divorce?

Lawrenceville, GA -

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Patrick Lehmon Meriwether

Patrick Lehmon Meriwether

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Woodstock, GA

Your divorce will become final and official when the Judge signs the final decree of divorce. I am not sure which 'divorce papers' you filed. If you are referring to a settlement agreement, then you will need to either file for a Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings (if the Judge allows them in your case) or schedule your case for a final uncontested hearing.

Glen Edward Ashman

Glen Edward Ashman

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - East Point, GA

There's no way for us to know. You need to ask your lawyer.

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Matthew Thomas Majeski

Matthew Thomas Majeski

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Woodbury, MN

If the final hearing has taken place and it's just a matter of the judge making a final review and signing, it will depend on how long he or she takes and how long court administration takes to file the decree. As counsel stated, when the judge signs the order on the decree.

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