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Ft.Lauderdale building code violations. No permits, got caught.

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

I bought a condo in Fort Lauderdale. I got a crew to remodel. The work is all done. I got a notice in the mail today from the city that says that states " A Inspection of your property shows that you have hired a demolition crew to alter the interior, alter the airconditioning, alter the electrical, and alter the plumbing, all without permits. Hire licensed contractors, obtain all permits & all work is to be approved by field inspections. All work is done prior to me recieving this letter. What now? I need a lawyer as I live in Chicago.
Tom Segreti

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You can find a lawyer who does code enforcement and zoning matters in Ft Lauderdale through the Florida Bar referral service, or by searching services like AVVO or just using Google.

You will also need to get a contractor to review all of the work that was done and apply for after the fact permits. The City may demand to have walls opened up to inspect any framing or interior electrical work. Services like Angie's list may help; your condo association manager may have a list of contractors that they have used for work in the past.


What you will need to do is hire an architect to draw up what you had done, sign and seal the plans. Then you can submit the drawings as a owner builder or hire a contractor to do so. If the building department is willing to work with you, they will sometime accept a letter from an architect or engineer stating the renovation work has been done in accordance with plans and specs. The other option is they may do spot checking. That is have you open up walls in certain areas so they can inspect. Be prepared, they can charge you upto 4 times the permit fee.

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