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Fraudulent foreclosure NYC by international bank with violations of US laws-& list long enough to fill LAW SCHOLL TEXT BOOKS

New York, NY |
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Is it true that judges are highly unlikely to award damages in fraudulent foreclosure cases? OR is it that one is against BANK MAFIA & they have every one on the take & the door to the justice is only open to FOTUNE 500 & millionaires & common man has been thrown into the trash by ALL including ones own attorney.OR is it that such litigation is so protracted that attorneys just take easy way out & only want FRUIT which is almost on the ground--may be all the litigators are dining with the powerfull & home owner is largely down the tubes with the rest.Any hard working LITIGATOR there to make a WALL STREET SIZE name /DOUGH & be in LAW SCHOOL TEACHING BOOKS LAND MARK CASE?.New York area home owner up against international bank with more violations of LAWS than all the mob combined in west.

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While it might seem that all the world is against you, I can pretty much guarantee that if you bring a bonafied case of fraud and other lending abuses to a qualified attorney who practices in your area that you could find representation that is willing to take the case the distance. Depending on the severity of the allegations and your ability to prove them, competent counsel may be able to seek punitive damages against the lender, in addition to other damages you have suffered, including possibly attorney's fees. Your post however doesn't give a single example of the alleged fraud or violative behavior, so it's impossible to assess your situation beyond a level of generalities.

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I agree with Mr. Campanella. If you have a bona fide case of mortgage fraud, there are plenty of attorneys in NYC who will agree to represent you.

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At first glance, I would first like to express my sadness that you may feel as if you are on the cusp of fighting an impossible uphill battle.

Now, as to address what seems to be the heart of your contentions; depending on your situation of course, there may be PLENTY of avenues for you to successfully defend yourself against an "almighty" international bank. In order to overcome the hurdle of opposing an international bank, your first step may be your most important one; HIRING COMPETENT AND EXPERIENCED COUNSEL.

Please be advised that my firm does offer all distressed homeowners free consultation and would be more than glad to discuss your situation and identify any/all legal avenues that which you may have to your avail to accomplish your goals.

Either way, keep your spirits up and never give in to something that which you feel to be unjust.

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