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Found a crack pipe under the bed of a hotel where me and my family were staying in can i sue.

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my granddaughter was playing with her chapstick it fell on the floor my daughter got on the floor to get it from the under the bed skirt and came over to me and showed me the crack pipe i went to the front desk about 7am the told me a manger would b in at 9am i waited til about 9:29 went to see if the nanger was in i got 3 different answers from the the 3 different the workers there

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You might have some claims, but it does not sound like the damages you could recover would justify the expense of the lawsuit. I do not doubt how offensive it was, but what kind of monetary compensation do you feel that warrants? If it is a low number, and given that lawsuits are expensive, you may feel it is not worth a suit. If this is a matter of principle, you might consider writing a letter to the owner of the hotel. That may prove more effective than a lawsuit.


Almost all the time, you can't recover any more money in a lawsuit than you lost as a result of whatever you're suing over. So, for instance, if something in the hotel room caused you or your child an injury, and you could prove that the hotel was negligent in allowing it to be there, then you could sue the hotel and recover the cost of any treatment that you had to get as a result (with maybe a little for "pain and suffering" on top of it; but you can rarely get these kinds of awards unless there's some substantive medical damage you suffered as well). But if, as it sounds like, no actual harm came to you or anyone, then you wouldn't be able to recover anything. Not every unpleasant experience in life has a legal remedy.

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Sorry but I'd doesn't appear that your damages justify the time and money necessary to bring the claim.

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In the sense of the word 'can', yes you 'can' sue. But, there are no real damages, so there is no point. Yes, the hotel should employ better cleaning policies and you are right to bring it to their attention. Here's the answer to 'Can I Sue': [Blue Link Below]

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Without damages, a lawsuit would be fruitless.

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