Forms to fill out to modify child support in the commonwealth court house.

I have to modify my child support. I have to do it via commonwealth court in down town Los Angeles because the child support services is involved. What documents do I need to fill out to get that court date? Also do I have to go the the actual court to get the date?

Van Nuys, CA -

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Jack McRae

Jack McRae

Family Law Attorney - Pasadena, CA

You should file the paperwork in the court where the "main" case was decided. If the only case you have has a file number starting with BY, then yes file your paperwork there. I am including a link to some self-help resources on changing child support. Hopefully, this will be a good starting point for you.

Stephen Ross Cohen

Stephen Ross Cohen

Family Law Attorney - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

You need a form packet that you can get from the nearest Superior Court. Just ask at the family law facilitator if you can not afford an Attorney and they will help you fill out the forms

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