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Formal Probation scheduled to end in July 2014, however joint&several restitution still owed. Will probation expire?

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I was sentenced to 80 days in a San Diego work furlough and three years felony probation. Victim restitution still owed is roughly $79,000 ( joint and several between two other defendants). My probation was moved to the administrative bank unit about 6 months ago, meaning that although I am on formal probation still, I do not have to report to a PO unless I have police contact etc.

Will my probation just expire in July, or should I expect to be summoned? I have read conflicting answers ranging from probation being extended to 5 years or the restitution being converted into a civil judgement(how does this work with joint and several?).

Notes- I have had no violations during my term of probation, and have been making my monthly $150 payment on time with no incidence.

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    Why not ask the criminal defense attorney who represented you on the original case and who has, presumably, a better understanding of the specific facts associated with your case.

  2. Your probation will expire and the outstanding restitution will be converted to a civil judgment against all defendants. You will not be summoned to court.

    The judge cannot extend probation to five years.

  3. Other than restitution, your probation will expire.


  4. Probation will expire. Any restitution owed may be converted to a civil judgment and collected.

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