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Foreign Passport with no Visa "stamp", can you still use it to travel within the United States?

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My mother will be going to our national consulate in NYC to get a new passport. However In the United States she doesn't have legal residency. I have heard many family members that say they've traveled this way for a long time without being hassled, is there any truth to this?

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No one ever checks your passport when travelling from state to state. Passports are for travelling from country to country.

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Although my colleague is correct, passports are for international travel, if that is her only form of ID ... someone at TSA may 'flag' her.

Probably not, but it is possible..

Why not meet with an immigration lawyer (many of us use Skype) and see if you can get your mother legal?

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We've already talked to countless attorneys and spent tens of thousands of dollars. There's no hope for us unless a law gets passed. Thank you though.

F. J. Capriotti III

F. J. Capriotti III


Then she should play it safe and not travel by airplane nor do other things which put her at risk of being 'caught'.


interesting question, you could ask a local attorney, or see what the passport or department of state website says


Yes, there is a lot of "truth" in what you heard. The TSA, in it's ever infinite wisdom, while seeing foreign passports in its "security" lines by the hundreds,, shift after shift, day after day, has no clue as to what a "visa" is and never, to my knowledge looking to see whether a foreign national has a US "stamp" (or any "stamp"), let alone "proof of residency" (wouldn't know what that means even if you explained it half a dozen times..) in one's passport.

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